By now, it's no secret that online dating is one of the best ways to meet other people. Whether you've been reluctant to set up an account or you've been participating in our communities for a while, creating your online profile has probably been one of your biggest challenges.

In the world of online dating, a profile is your opportunity to make a great first impression. However, if you're like most of our members, you've found that creating a profile that conveys the proper message is difficult. You want your profile to highlight your shining personality, startlingly good looks and show stopping sense of humour, without sounding arrogant or desperate.

If you've been having a difficult time making the most of your profile, check out these few tips.

Recruit a Friend

If writing your profile has you completely stumped, then consider asking a close friend to write the profile for you. You can make revisions later, but recruiting outside help is a great way to see how others perceive your best qualities.

Stay Positive

Your profile is not the place to rant about your horrid ex or your depressing dating history. When you're writing your profile, take on the same attitude that you would with a job application. Honesty is important, but you wouldn't necessarily want your prospective employer to know that you often arrive to work late or that you rarely like your co-workers. The same principle holds true for your dating profile. Keep the tone positive; you can rant about your ex later.

Be Honest

One of the most beautiful things about the internet is the ability to portray yourself however you want. If you want to converse with others exclusively online, then by all means, exaggerate about your godlike physique or outstanding snowboarding skills. However, if you want to use your dating profile to actually plan a real-life date with a real-life human being, you need to be honest.

Write In Specifics

Don't just say that you enjoy traveling; tell about your favorite places that you've visited and why those stand out. If you like movies, share with your readers what your favorite genre or director is. By offering concrete details about your interests and experiences, you can allow your potential dates to really understand who you are.

Share Sociable Interests

When someone is reading your online profile, they are looking for a way in which they can fit into your life. Describing yourself as an avid video gamer or bookworm may suggest to the reader that you prefer to be alone and that they would probably never see you. Instead, play up your love for outdoor activities, concerts or other social events.

Keep It Short

When you're first meeting someone in person, your passion for botany or exotic birds may come up in the conversation, but you wouldn't necessarily fill them in on all of your weird hang-ups or family dysfunctions. Apply this same principle when creating your online profile. Provide enough information so that a potential date can easily find common ground with you, but don't overload them with facts.

Now that creating your online profile doesn't feel so intimidating, sign up for a free account. You'll have the opportunity to join several different communities and find someone who shares your interests, goals and lifestyle.