Planning a great date can be a challenge for any adult, but for an older adult who feels out of practice, it can feel especially intimidating.

No matter your age, the best way to plan a date is to focus on common interests, keep an open mind and have fun. For a fun, stress-free date, forget about the clich├ęd dinner-and-forced-conversation date and take advantage of the recreational and educational opportunities around you.

Need a little inspiration? Here are 7 fun dates for adults over 50.

1. Venture Outside

The great outdoors provide an easy way to get to know your date in a low-stress environment. Rent a boat for the afternoon, go for a walk in the woods or take a picnic to your favourite spot. No matter how you spend the afternoon, the beauty of nature and the opportunity to get to know your date while participating in a fun activity ensures an unforgettable date.

2. Sample Foreign Cuisine

Few things can bond two people like gambling on something as risky as foreign food. If your date is willing, try branching out from your normal cuisine and experiment with new flavors, such as Indian, Indonesian or African fare. Maybe you'll discover a new favourite, but if it's terrible, you can always seek out your tried-and-true diner.

3. Explore Your City's Culture

As we've said before, it's easy to take local landmarks and points of interest for granted, which makes them a brilliant activity for a date. Go on a walking tour of the city, explore a nearby museum or attend an art gallery. Sharing your opinions about the art, culture and history of your city provides easy, stress-free conversation while discovering what makes your city unique.

4. Attend a Wine Tasting

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you can't tell the difference between Syrah and Riesling, a wine tasting event provides a fun way for you and your date to learn something new while enjoying great wine.

5. Get Moving

Do you and your date share an affinity for biking, hiking or miniature golf? Create a fun and memorable date by incorporating a mutual favourite activity. Not only does this provide instant fodder for natural, awkward-free conversation, but it's an easy way to connect with your date.

6. Visit Your Local Bookstore

Local bookstores provide a great venue for a fun, informal date. Attend a local book reading, and then explore the bookstore together while discussing books, genres and authors. If you and your date connect, you can easily transition the date to a coffee house for dessert and more conversation.

7. Dance

Many ballrooms and dance facilities provide group lessons to allow both novices and experienced dancers the opportunity to have fun and learn a few new steps. Dancing is a great way for you and your date to get close, focus on something together and find out if you are a good match.

Whether you are an experienced dater or you've been absent from the dating scene for a while, you can enjoy a great time and get to know your date by planning a fun and unique outing. Meeting other singles over 50 in your area is easier than ever with our Over 50s lifestyle group. Sign up today to meet older singles who are looking for friendship and romance.