If you are entering into the world of online dating as a mature dater, you may be wondering how the landscape has changed since your last first date. While some rules have held fast, such as the importance of manners, the mastery of small talk and the willingness to try new experiences, a few new rules have been added to the list.

Keep reading to find out more about the rules of midlife dating.

People Have Changed

Last time you dated, the women or men you were dating were probably in their 20's. Today, your dates are likely also midlife daters who, in the last few decades, have made significant discoveries about what they expect from themselves, others and life in general. Rather than assuming you know what your date wants from a relationship, be willing to be surprised.

Go Slow

Everyone loves a good story featuring a whirlwind romance: a couple meets through some fortunate mishap, immediately falls in love, marries six weeks later and enjoys 65 years of wedded bliss. Maybe once upon a time you were hoping that would be your own love story and unexpected circumstances changed your plans, or maybe you've only recently discovered the desire for companionship.

One of the most important rules of midlife dating is the importance of taking each phase of the relationship slowly. Many midlife daters, perhaps yourself included, have already endured at least one divorce and are hesitant to jump into a serious relationship. Allowing a relationship to progress at a slow, natural pace is imperative for long term success.

Don't Rely On All-Singles Events

Singles events, when they are done well, can provide a fun evening getting to know new friends and possibly making a romantic connection. However, these events also tend to have a lopsided male to female ratio. Attend singles events if you want, but don't rely solely on them to meet a potential partner.

Break Through the Gender Divide

Today, it's increasingly common to see a woman take up golfing lessons or a man participating in a yoga class. However, activities like these still tend to be dominated by one gender or the other, making them a great way to meet people of the opposite sex.

Have a Good Attitude

Alright, so this isn't technically a new rule; a good attitude was just as important 30 years ago as it is now. Now, though, it's a harder rule to keep. Perhaps you've been through an ugly divorce or you've endured a heart-breaking loss, or maybe you're a little weary of dating men and women whose own romantic histories have left them bitter and cynical.

Midlife dating can be a challenge because everyone is at a different stage of recovery and personal growth. Maintain a good attitude by allowing yourself to accept challenges and triumphs as they come. Not every rejection is personal, and even the worst date provides valuable experience.

Take the Search Online

When online dating was first introduced, it was seen by some as an opportunity for the socially inept to find romance. Today, with the popularity of social media channels, message boards and live chat rooms, that stigma has long disappeared. People recognise online dating for what it is: the opportunity to meet singles in your community with whom you would not have otherwise crossed paths.

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